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After the turbo work and some run in time it was time to strap the car to the dyno to see the difference.

When i purchased the car it was dyno’d on another rolling road in New Plymouth and put out 163kw @10psi at the wheels. This was with stock ECU, front mount, 4inch intake, 3inch exhaust incl 3inch dump. This did seem low as it went well on the road. An old pic…









I took the car to another rolling road here in Hamilton, NZ to see how it was going to go after the changes (Mines ECU, HPI stainless dump pipe from turbo, Up-rated billet/steel wheel CT12A turbos, Garage Zeal 3inch twin tip exhaust with resonator, Bosch 044 internally mounted fuel pump).

At 11.5psi on the dyno it was pulling 240kw (238.5 to be exact) at the wheels. After a few more runs and winding up the boost a bit more to 16psi at got 265kw (264.7 to be exact) at the wheels with 600nm of torque. This was on stock 1JZ injectors as well which was pretty solid. Plenty of power for now, the turbos are build to handle 20-22psi so last step would be to go Link ECU with a good tune.


Turbos/Dump pipe.

Once the new turbos were built by Brendan at Convert, I was just waiting on my HPI stainless dump pipe from Japan. Heres a pic of it when it arrived, really nice piece of kit…










One fitted up it really changed the sound of the 1J, sounds more like RB26 now with the new dump pipes fitted. Heres a pic taken with a potato from underneath. The new dump makes my street mild steel setup look extra ghetto…



At the same time as all this work I also got a fresh K&N filter, and got a heat shield installed to try block out some of that engine heat…



Once everything was installed it ran amazing, pulls hard to limiter rather than having a dead spot up top. The Mines chipped ECU was working well with more boost, feeding a good amount of fuel. The only issue all of this work really highlighted was the fact my valve stem seals were toast, so on deceleration I was getting a bit of blue smoke out the exhaust. I knew these were slightly worn, but now it was time to plan it to get these sorted.





Zeroclass drift day 06/03/16 Taupo Track 3.

Early March this year got out on the track for a Zeroclass drift day. Prepping with a fresh alignment…


Loaded up and grabbing a feed on the way in Cambridge, running behind schedule as usual haha…


Waiting in line for the next session…



Coming out of the Track 3 hairpin (Pic thanks to Oblique Media)…


Coming out of the first corner of Track 3 (Pic thanks to Oblique Media)…



Servo stop before the mission home. Big thanks to Zac, Max and Richard for the help. Shout out to Chris for organising another epic day.


Car went well with the new turbo/dump pipe setup on. Only issue is the valve stem seals which are being done as I type this. More on that in a later post (and the turbo/dump pipe work).